It’s the only system that:

• Cleans deeply and completely in just one pass.

Other cleaning processes leave dirt-laden water behind or just clean the surface of your carpet. Von Schrader’s air cell extraction system cleans down to the base of your carpet and extracts soil in just one pass. In fact, it’s so unique that it’s patented.

• Dries quickly – often in less than one hour.
No over wetting causing mildew or bad odors. No shrinking either. The air cell extraction process uses air cell scrubbing bubbles – not gallons of hot water – to get your carpet and upholstery completely clean.
It’s the perfect encapsulation system.

• Is safe for people, pets — and the environment.
Our cleaning processes uses gentle, biodegradable, non-toxic, and fragrance-free cleaning agents that leave no sticky or oily residues to attract and hold soil. We’re green and aircraft approved.

This patented system applies a dirt emulsifying air cell cleaner to fabric and fibers, brushing it thoroughly into the surface. It then removes the soil laden bubbles as they float dirt to the surface where it is extracted immediately before it can sink back down into the carpet.