A highly efficient range of machines ensures that every opportunity to improve your floor care task and make them more efficient is being addressed. TASKI machines are known for the use of latest technology in design and manufacturing that enable true innovation breakthroughs in Performance, Ergonomics and Life Time costs.

The TASKI swingo scrubber drier range including the recently launched swingo 150 ultra-compact scrubber drier are the latest examples of this drive for innovative solutions. TASKI machines seamlessly work together with Diversey products and methods. Recognized by the industry, TASKI machines have competed and won Innovation Awards for redefining the class again and again, resulting in machines that deliver the operational efficiency gains that we promise and are a delight to work with.

Managed Machine Solutions

Next to top quality cleaning machines, Diversey also provides a tailored solution’s program that aims to deliver the best services to you as a manager and to your machine fleet. Examples are machine service contracts, financing options, etc. Availability currently varies by country, so please contact our Diversey representative in your country for detailed information

Our TASKI floor care machinery provides a range of opportunities with an unbeatable performance while
remaining safe and versatile.
Scrubber Driers
The TASKI scrubber dryer range provides the
unbeatable cleaning performance across a wide
number of applications, from small compact up to
large ‘ride on’ machines.Single Discs
TASKI ergodisc is an innovative range of single disc
machines, providing the benefits of ergonomics, cost
efficiency, productivity and high cleaning performance.Dry/Wet Vacuums
Wet or dry, tub or upright, cable or battery driven,
the TASKI range of vacuums provides the solution
to your need.

Carpet Care
Our machines, together with Diversey methods and products help to deal with dust removal, spot
cleaning, revitalizing you carpet or deep down cleaning quickly and easily.