About Amano Pioneer Eclipse

Our History
A Revolutionary Company

The revolution began when William H. Wilson, the founder of Pioneer
Eclipse Corporation, developed the first propane-powered floor buffer.
Recognizing the need to cut labor costs and reduce the time required for
traditional spray buffing, Wilson harnessed the efficient power of propane,
allowing his customers to burnish much larger areas of floor space in a
fraction of the time. With the successful launch of Pioneer Eclipse propane
burnishers, the need arose for floor care chemistry that could withstand
the increased rpm of these new machines. From 1975 – 1978, Pioneer
Eclipse developed high performance, polymer-based floor finishes that
not only withstood the high speeds of propane burnishers, but also
delivered an incredible wet-look shine and slip resistance that
revolutionized the industry yet again.

Founded on the philosophy of continuous innovation, Pioneer Eclipse next developed integrated “Floorcare Systems” – complete lines of floor care solutions formulated for specific floor surface materials and burnishing methods. These integrated solutions delivered optimum appearance while reducing time, labor and product usage. Gone were the days of “mix and match” chemicals, cloudy finishes, tedious stripping sessions and other inefficient, ineffective maintenance methods.

These cutting-edge developments propelled Pioneer Eclipse to the forefront of the floor care and maintenance supply industry, resulting in repeated listings in Inc. Magazine’s list of the 500 Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies in the United States. Recognizing this national leadership, AMANO Corporation, a multi-national Japanese company specializing in the design and production of Time, Cost Management, Parking, and Environmental Systems joined forces with Pioneer Eclipse to create today’s leading innovator in the international floor care market.

Today the revolution continues, as Amano Pioneer Eclipse remains steadfast in the commitment to develop the world’s highest quality, most effective floor care systems and solutions. Recognizing the needs in the concrete and stone floor care markets, Amano Pioneer Eclipse introduced a new division in 2008 called PowerStar (www.powerstarone.com). Leveraging its core competencies in being the industry leader in propane fueled technology, PowerStar offers high productivity alternative equipment utilized in the grinding and polishing of concrete and stone floors. In addition, PowerStar offers superior hard floor chemistry and a full assortment of unique diamond pads and diamond cutting tools to provide a complete turnkey package which delivers maximum shine in minimum time, as well as integrated systems ideal for maintaining the beautiful end result indefinitely. As Masters in the Art of Floor Care, we continue to redefine, improve and enhance the cleaning and maintenance industry – around the globe and into the future.