During World War II, a man by the name of H.L. Diehl went to work for Pratt and Whitney. Mr. Herman Diehl was part of a team that helped design and develop many of the early jet engine compressor blades. In 1948 venturing out on his own, he formed the H.L. Diehl Company in South Wellington, Connecticut. Having built several relationships over the years, Herman continued to expand his business with contracts from Pratt and Whitney, Rolls Royce and General Electric. The aviation legacy and reputation for the Company continued further expanding into landing gear struts for Sikorsky Bell helicopters.Looking to design and build a product to call its own, H.L. Diehl became a pioneer in debris handling equipment and in 1959 developed the first walkbehind lawn vacuum and leaf blower. For the next 10 years, the H.L. Diehl Company began to dramatically shift its focus to this new and innovative product and in 1966, the Giant-Vac brand name was born. In 1969 Giant-Vac established in South Windham, Connecticut with the sole purpose of furthering its reputation in debris handling Equipment. Later that year, the company introduced its first leaf loading machine. Anton “Tony” Janiak joined the H. L. Diehl Company as Vice-President in 1970.Tony’s expertise in engineering, product development and sales charged him with the responsibility for further developing this new leaf loading machine as well as establishing a sales and support infrastructure across the country. As the outdoor power equipment industry’s leading supplier of leaf and debris handling equipment, Giant-Vac manufacturers a complete line of products for debris handlers.Simplicity Manufacturing, Inc., a premier designer, manufacturer, marketer and distributor known for high-quality outdoor power equipment purchased Giant-Vac in 2000.Tony Janiak was appointed the President of Giant-Vac, Inc. and charged with the responsibility of furthering the growth and expansion of the product line. Simplicity had purchased Ferris Industries – The Commercial Mower Specialists – in 1999 and would add Snapper, Inc. in 2002. All of these companies would combine to form The Dealer Line.After extremely successful entry into the end-product segment, demonstrated with Generac pressure washers and generators, Briggs & Stratton purchased Simplicity Manufacturing, Inc. in July, 2004. Today the Simplicity, Snapper, Ferris, Murray and Giant-Vac brand products roll up to form the basis for the Briggs & Stratton Yard Power Products Group.COMES A LEGACY OF INNOVATION…
Today, Giant-Vac continues to build its products using a unique blend of engineering expertise and skilled craftsmanship to produce top quality, rugged equipment. Giant-Vac is a brand of products you can count on to give years of trouble-free performance.Giant-Vac serves the following markets:
•Commercial Lawn Care
•Professional Grounds Management
•Industrial/Public Works
•Golf Courses

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